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Frances Preston likes sharing Tai Chi

Frances Preston, Occupational Therapist at Summit Therapy & Health Services likes sharing Tai Chi. Her class is held at Summit Therapy two times a week as part of the Pullman Parks & Recreation program. To no surprise, the only fee for her class is to simply, pay it forward…

“I never have any idea who donates, what they donate, or to what causes. However a few weeks ago two students came to me with two copies of the DVD that accompanies this program. The DVD usually costs $30 plus shipping. They had bought a copy for themselves and decided to buy 2 extra copies as their pay-it-forward donation. They asked me to give, or sell the DVDs at a reduced rate, to students who cannot afford the full price. As they were explaining their idea to me a few other students overheard. Money started coming out of pockets to buy more DVDs. One student bought a reduced price DVD on the spot and was really grateful. I now have enough money for 4 DVDs to be given away or sold at a reduced price. When I contacted the Tai Chi For Health Organization and told them of my students’ generosity they gave me a 25% discount so I have been able to order 5 copies! I thought this was such a cool story of Generosity Inspiring others that I wanted to share.”