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Janice's Story

Janice Organ is a grateful woman -- grateful for her hospital family for helping her through one of the hardest years of her life.
In January, Janice, who works in Registration at Pullman Regional Hospital, checked in to the hospital for routine gallbladder surgery. The outcome was anything but routine.
“I have a ‘unique’ biology,” Janice says with a smile. Complications with the surgery led to Janice’s bile duct leaking and what was originally scheduled for an hour and a half surgery turned in to four hours and an overnight stay at Pullman Regional Hospital.
The next several months after that included several trips to a Spokane hospital to address her leaking bile duct. Janice said there is a clear difference between the individualized, personal care she received at Pullman Regional and the larger Spokane hospital. “You feel like cattle they are running through a chute; there’s no individual attention at a larger hospital,” she laughs.
Further complicating Janice’s ordeal is her extreme reaction to anesthesia. “I don’t do well with anesthesia,” she said. So much so that she ended up in Pullman Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department several times because she was so sick from the anesthesia from her many procedures in Spokane.
Janice jokes that she has been a patient in many parts of Pullman Regional Hospital too. “I think the only two places I wasn’t in were the ICU and Birth Place department”. She got to know staff quite well when she ended up spending five days in Med-Surg when an infection was discovered where treatment was required and a drainage tube was placed.
“The surgical team, nursing staff, housekeeping, kitchen staff, lab and x-ray techs and the ED staff were all wonderful” she said. “I also received a heartwarming show of concern from our volunteers, with many cards, flowers and inquiries, even a much treasured kiss on the forehead from Max Moore while I was in the hospital.”
Nevertheless, the infection persisted and her bile duct continued to leak. While her doctors were consulting with liver specialists in Seattle and a second surgery was being planned across the state, she explains that she was working partial days when she got up from her desk and tripped over some cords and hit the ground hard. Janice was sore but what happened to her anatomy was most interesting. “The impact of the fall appeared to stop the duct from leaking,” she said. “I guess all I needed was a good jarring.”
Janice, who says she is now feeling healthy, is not questioning it. “Everything happens for a reason,” she laughs. “I love my doctors, my surgeons and hospital family. Even the therapy team at Summit helped me in my recovery.”
“Without the help of my friends, Steve (boyfriend), my co-workers and my hospital family, I couldn’t have done it,” Janice says with tears in her eyes. Upon encouragement from a co-worker, Janice applied for GenerosityHeals funds and was awarded $500 to help with hospital bills. Janice is grateful for this financial support as well as the 20 percent discount she receives off hospital services as a Pullman Regional Hospital employee. Donated time from fellow employees was also a huge help to make it through the recovery process.
“If I have to have surgery again, I’d only have it at Pullman Regional Hospital.”