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Karen's Story

My elderly father was recently a patient in the ICU. He was admitted through Emergency on Wednesday, January 23, at about 2:30 a.m. and was transferred to ICU. He passed on January 26 at 11:10 a.m.

During his stay there, he received excellent care in all ways. He was treated with dignity, respect and compassion. One of your nurses, Katie, showed not only the utmost compassion and competence to my father, but she ministered to our family in a way that we shall not forget for years to come. In that very short period of time, we felt as though Katie truly became a partner in his care and a friend to our family. Her combination of passion for nursing and her wisdom and knowledge are a rare find. She walked us through the death process in such a kind, quiet way – all the while alleviating our concerns, fears and stress. She was never too busy for a question, a concern or anything that helped us with this very difficult time. We did not feel “abandoned” as often happens when there is a high census. She checked on us frequently – she seemed to be there even before we asked. We observed her relationship with the other staff in the hospital. From the several respiratory therapists to the C.N.A.’s, Katie’s demeanor was professional and she displayed an attitude of teamwork. At one point, a doctor became unjustly curt with her and Katie handled the situation so humbly – that it put us all at ease. It did not go unnoticed by our friends and family. I would not have wanted any other nurse for this very difficult time. Katie always followed infection control guidelines, always communicated well, and always treated my father as though he was fully cognizant.

I hope that you will recognize and appreciate her accordingly. I might also add that Hillary (the night shift) did a remarkable job of caring for my father. She invited me to call anytime of the night if I couldn’t sleep –I did and it helped! There was one other nurse –maybe “Annie” that was his first nurse in ICU. She was also very helpful getting him situated.


Moscow, Idaho