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Sewing for Comfort

Pullman home-schooled children Ruby Breitsprecher, 14 (pictured); Jessie Cook, 10 (pictured); Emily Cook, 16 (pictured); Pari Breitsprecher, 12, ; Avery Reneau, 15, and Ella Reneau, 11, sewed more than 200 rice bags that will be used by laboring moms in BirthPlace at Pullman Regional Hospital. The rice bags are given to each mom and can be warmed up in the microwave for comfort. The GenerosityInspires project was funded by the PRH Auxiliary. Flannel fabric and rice was purchased by Anna Engle, RN, GenerosityInspires committee member. Patti Fischer of Pullman and the moms of the Cook, Breitsprecher and Reneau children taught the children to sew these hand-made creations. Thank you!